Quick information:  New things starting!!!!


We are starting a Weightlifting team- with our first big competition being the American Masters here in Savannah, the weekend of Oct 31st.  Contact Suzanne for training times.

We have several different CrossFit competitions we are training for or have people participating.  Check the board, and talk to the trainers.




Happy Halloween!  Have a great day and weekend.

We have lifters competing at the Master’s Americans at the Anderson/Cohen Weightlifting Center this weekend.  On Friday- Pam at 9am, Suzanne at 3:30pm, and Julia at 6pm.  Billy on Saturday at 9am, and Blake at 5pm Sunday.  Come out and support them!

Friday evening hours are shortened- it is Friday, in Savannah and Halloween- need I really say more?  Gym open from 3:30-5:30pm.  Closing an hour early.

staisha bee




1) Push Press 5×5

2) Bench Press 5×5



75 box jumps, 24″
50 handstand pushups

40 overhead squats, 135#/95#
20 ground-to-overhead, 165#/115#

Row 750m
150 double unders
Row 750m





1) Snatches:  15 minutes to build to heavy single.  Keep form!!!!  Bad form will not increase your weight, and only increase your risk of injury.



Handstand pushups- 3×20



6 rounds for total time:
5 hang power snatch, 135#/95#
10 pistols, alternating
Sprint 200m
Rest 3 minutes







Friday night we are closing early.  Hours will be 3:30-4:30.  It will be Halloween night, a Friday night in Savannah, and we will have athletes competing in tow at the Master’s American Open that day.


Clean complex:  Clean, 2 squats, 1 jerk.  15 minutes to find max.




5 rounds for total time:

3 strict pullups

5 kipping pullups

7 burpee box jumps, 24”/20”

9 burpees
Rest 60 seconds


1) Back Squat 3×8, 3×6, 3×4.


2) Push Press 5×5.  Increase weight as you go.  You should be able to complete the set of 5 without having to stop.



For Time:

40 dumbbell thrusters, 45#/30#
60 dumbbell hang power cleans, 45#/30#
25 abmat situps with weight (25/15#)
50 kettlebell thrusters, 24kg/16kg
70 kettlebell snatches, alternating every 5 reps, 24kg/16kg
25 abmat situps with weight (25/15#)



how I feel about working out



Hang Snatch:  sets of 2 every minute for 10 minutes


Sots press- light weight, 5×5

Snatch grip RDL 5×5


AMRAP 12 minutes:
4 Ring Rows

6 handstand pushups, 4”/3” deficit
50 double unders

*****  Starting next week, 10/27/14- we will only have the noon classes (12:30 class) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As interest improves in this time frame, we will increase the days again.*****



OTT Drill



For time:
100 double-unders
115-lb/75 lb. front squats, 21 reps
115-lb/75 lb. push presses, 21 reps
100 double-unders
115-lb/75 lb. front squats, 15 reps
115-lb/75 lb. push presses, 15 reps
100 double-unders
115-lb/75 lb. front squats, 9 reps
115-lb/75 lb. push presses, 9 reps

squat day


Back Squats  3×8, 3×6, 3×4



Giving you guys a “taste” of one of our competitor WODs.  This workout is a easy down day- one to keep us moving and build some endurance.  The competitor group is usually doing 8-10 rounds- you don’t have to do that many.  :)

4 Rounds:

1 minute Run

1 minute Row

1 minute Jump Rope

1 minute No push up burpee

1 minute Handstand hold

12.10.13 gym


Snatches:  Working on full and power.  We can do hang or from the floor, based on how you look, and skill level.  This is your one-on-one time to learn the lifts.  :D



3 rounds for time:
10 overhead squats, 135#/95#,

20 wall ball, 20#/14#, 10′

30 pullups

20 Sit-Ups with weight

400m run



RDL  50% of your clean max : 5×5



3 rounds, each for time:
25 handstand pushups

Notes: Rest 3 minutes between rounds.


4 Rounds:

4 power cleans, 155#/105#
3 front squats, 155#/105#
2 power jerks, 155#/105#
3 Strict Pullups
4 box jumps, 30″/24″

Rest 1 minute between rounds


Now is not the time to give up on being healthy!  Don’t wait until the New Year or after the holidays to watch your weight.  We got this- ask me about how to keep your weight under control, so that you can be the skinny one at the Holiday parties!!!

thinking about gym


worth it


Push Press 3×8, 3×6, 3×4  increase weight as you go.


5 rounds for time:
10 deadlifts, 225#/155#
20 bar facing burpees
40 double unders
Run 400m